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Training courses on organic, biodynamic and natural wines

OWA, what is it ?

OWA, for Organic Wine Academy, is a French training organization, and is internationally focussed. OWA is quite simply an academy of organic wines, its mission being to train , to begin with, professionals, and very soon amateurs, in organic, biodynamic and natural wines, elaborated according to environmentally friendly practices.

The founder : Fanny Barthelemy

The spirit of wine:  A beautiful legacy.
OWA is the result of a professional and personal journey. It is about sustaining the terroir, sharing the love of wine, and passing on the knowledge and the know-how.
I train professionals in organic, biodynamic and natural wines : I teach my passion while paying special attention to the natural elements. For OWA embodies our commitment to a more sustainable and responsible winegrowing, respectful of biodiversity , in other words concerned about today’s environmental issues.
First as a trainer and later as the course director at the Ecole des Vins et Spiritueux, I have supervised training courses,created new educational content,taken part in the writing of learning material.

This is my vocation.

Fanny Barthelemy : Fondatrice de OWA

Why learn about organic, biodynamic and natural wines ?

OWA offers unique courses featuring rather short and accessible modules :
Level 1 module includes the fundamentals.
Level 2 module is an advanced course.
There is also a course focussing more on the distribution business of these special wines.
To finish with, tailor-made masterclasses put forward specific points about organic, biodynamic and natural wines.
Always alternating between theory and tasting…

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